Invest In Your Business By Converting to LED


750w HPS High Bay Light vs. 200w LED Equivalent

A warehouse of 20 lights at 750w would use a total of 15kw per hour. Over a 10-hour period of lighting, they would use 150kw. At the current $.27/kwh* commercial demand rate, that is a cost of $14,782.50 a year.

The same amount of lights replaced with LEDs would use 40kw per day. At the same commercial rate the cost would be $3,942 a year.

That is a savings of $10,842.50 a year.

At an installation price of $1,200 per light replacement, the cost out of pocket would be $24,000. (This doesn’t include PSEG Rebates, Actual cost out of pocket is lower)

A $24,000 investment in your own building or business would have 45% Return.

Increase the size of the warehouse and the savings would be even bigger.

Benefits of LED Lighting:
-Instant On
Fluorescent, Metal Halide, and High Pressure Sodium bulbs do not turn on right away; with up to a 10 min warm up cycle, they don’t reach full brightness. This time is even longer when switches are turned off and back on.
-Cleaner, Brighter White
LED bulbs have a wider range of color palette from 2700k to 4500k you can get a yellow to a bright white respectively.
-Average 50,000 hour Bulb Life
The average lifespan of an led bulb is 50,000 hours, that is over 13 years if on for 10 hours a day.
-Work in a larger range of temperatures
Led bulbs work in -45 degrees to 150 degrees, where Fluorescents will not warm up in lower temperatures and never reach full brightness and burn out the bulbs and ballasts. Because of this LEDs are excellent for commercial refrigerators and freezers to hot Warehouses.

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*Based on 2017 PSEGLI Rates on demand charge during peak hours.